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How To Structure Website Content For Maximum SEO Presence

by | 25 November, 2021 | Website Development

A website is an invaluable tool that any company can take advantage of. With a website, you’re not only able to provide more information about your business, its product, or its services. You’re also able to provide legitimacy to your company and even provide another way for your customers to contact you or buy your products.

However, websites aren’t created equal. A poorly designed site will be just as effective in driving away customers as an SEO friendly website will be at bringing in more customers. In this article, we’ve gathered some website content structure tips to help make your site more effective in reaching its goals

What is content marketing?

Before we get into how to structure your website content for SEO, it’s best to learn why we’re doing this at all. The name of the game is content marketing, and it’s now one of the best ways to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Content marketing is about creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content.

A good example of where this is useful is content marketing for real estate. Many fist time home buyers or sellers have a lot of questions when it comes to buying/selling real estate. If your real estate company can provide them with the answers to these questions, you already have a foot in the door. It then becomes much easier to offer your services since you know they’re already interested in real estate. And since you’re the provider of information, it already makes you more credible in their eyes.

How to structure website content for SEO

These days, most websites will feature a blog section. This section allows you add in more content that isn’t just about your product or service and is exactly where your content marketing efforts go.

To be effective with your blog and content, here are some tips to make sure your content truly helps your brand reach more customers.

Good keyword research

Great content marketing starts with proper keyword research. While there can be countless topics that your brand can talk about, all of that is put to waste when no one will be able to find your article. You need to do research on what keywords people are searching for and integrate this in your content

Don’t be tempted to use a bunch of the top keywords being searched. Pick just one main keyword and dig deeper, using the primary keyword as the main topic for your article. Any additional keywords should be closely related without changing the article’s focus.

Determine search intent and the right format

While doing research on keywords, also think about what a user’s intent is when searching. Is it to find an answer to a question, looking for information on a product, or are they trying to buy something? Knowing how the keyword is being used will allow you to write content that is suited for their intent.

Site structure

How your site is structure is another important ranking factor. A good structure not only helps Google “understand” your site, but it also makes sure that you’re not competing with your own content. Over time, you’ll have several articles talking about the same things – a good structure clarifies which content is more important.

The ideal site structure looks like a pyramid. On top you have your homepage, which contains links to other pages. Those pages in turn will link to even more pages. Just like with keyword research, common competitive topics should be closer to the top while more niche content can be lower on the pyramid.

Copywriting for SEO

The last aspect of successful content marketing is copywriting. While it’s important to consider all the factors that search engines consider, this should never get in the way of the writing. Sometimes you can go overboard in optimizing that the actual article becomes boring or hard to read. Keep in mind that the user found your site primarily to read its content, so you should make sure they’re presented with something interesting and valuable.

Improve your site with Top Results Consulting

If you’re building a new site or looking to revamp your current one, you can always improve its searchability through content marketing services that will populate your site with relevant information. Rely on a trusted content marketing company like Top Results Consulting, which is part of the Top 10 Nevada SEO Companies, to help get your pages to the top of the rankings.

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